Meet Carmen

Model: VW Karmann Convertible
Year: 1957/58 model
Colour: Original VW Sage Green
Seats: 2 (3 at a squeeze) plus our driver

Carman is our show winning 1957 Convertible Beetle ‘low cal’ with lovely blingy Porsche wheels and she’s in mint condition.  She is a very rare right hand car built for the UK market and is one of only 13 cars of this type left world-wide. She is uber-cool and a real head turner.



Model: Indy Ragtop
Year: 1959 model
Colour: India Red
Seats: 2 (3 at a squeeze) plus our driver

Indy Ragtop is left hand drive and built in Germany for the Swedish market, then imported to the UK. Her gorgeous rag top roof can be pulled back to let in plenty of light and is perfect for your special photos.
Indy is totally original and a rare sight to be seen in the UK.  She loves being out and about and looks gorgeous when she’s dressed up for that special occasion.


Meet Ruby

Model: Ruby our 1966 Deluxe Split Screen T2 Microbus
Year: 1966 model
Colour: Titian red/Grey
Seats: 5 plus our driver

Ruby is our gorgeous VW campervan and looks stunning with her beautiful shiny body in rich colours set off with her special blingy Porsche wheels – she’s in mint condition and she loves posing for photographs.
Please don’t’ confuse our Vintage VWs with similar vehicles you may find out there – they are top of their class.